Why should I consider transport insurance for my shipment?

In certain situations, securing additional protection through transport insurance can provide peace of mind. Discover when insurance is advisable and the best steps to take.

When you book a shipment with one of our shipping partners via Sendify, please note that the value of your goods isn't automatically insured. Without transport insurance, there's a risk of significant loss in case of transport damage or loss. It's essential to be aware that the compensation claim for uninsured goods that are destroyed or lost is limited by the shipping service provider.

When should I consider insurance?

We recommend considering transport insurance, especially if you're shipping valuable and/or fragile goods.

How do I obtain insurance for my shipment?

Prior to securing transport insurance, we strongly advise thoroughly reviewing the Insurance Conditions to ensure full understanding of all details and coverage aligned with your needs.

You can secure insurance while selecting your shipping solution (refer to the image below).

What are the insurance costs?

Transport insurance costs are calculated at 0.125% of the goods' value for shipments within Germany, 0.185% within Europe, and 0.350% for shipments to or from third countries. However, there's a minimum premium of €5 for domestic shipments and €6.50 for international ones.

Additional surcharges may apply for political risks not covered in the standard premium rates. These are automatically factored in by the Sendify platform and included in the total price of the transport insurance.

The total shipment price, inclusive of insurance costs, will be automatically displayed after entering the goods' value, ensuring transparency in cost breakdown.

What does the insurance cover?

Refer to Appendix 4 of the Insurance Conditions for a comprehensive breakdown of coverage details.

In summary, the insurance covers normal merchant goods, which are not considered prohibited goods and are therefore subject to a transport exclusion in accordance with Sendify's T&C, as well as additional expenses and costs. It extends to interests such as potential profit, added value, customs, freight, taxes, and other associated expenses.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the insurer assumes responsibility for all risks to which the goods are exposed during the insurance term, unless otherwise stated. They provide indemnification without deductible for loss of or damage to the insured goods resulting from an insured risk.