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How does COVID-19 affect my shipments?

Information regarding transports and COVID-19

Keep up to date on each carriers website
To keep you updated on the situation, we recommend that you visit the carriers websites where new information is published on a regular basis.

COVID-19 Surcharge

International transports have been affected by disturbances and imbalances, such as reductions in exports or imports. This has resulted in significantly increased costs for the carriers, leading to additional "Traffic Disruption Supplement" or "COVID-19 Surcharge".


But keep calm. Sendify takes all traceable surcharges into account when you book your shipment, so that you know the price before you press send.



For shipments that are time-critical and must reach their destination quickly, it is important that you select a transport product that is the priority of the carrier.


Examples of express and priority transport options


  • UPS Express Saver, UPS Express, UPS Express Plus

  • TNT Express, TNT Express 09/10/12

Keep in mind that currently no guaranteed lead times apply. Thus, no compensation is made for delays from the carrier. However, Sendify still recommends time-critical transport with a priority transport alternative.



  • Longer lead times than usual due to queues at border checks.

  • Digital signature routines to reduce physical contact are introduced

  • Regular health checks on staff to reduce the spread of infection.

  • Deliveries to / from locations with quarantine restrictions are stopped.

  • Due to the prevailing situation, delivery barriers in some cases entail costs that are invoiced to freight payers.

Quarantine restrictions
For shipments to countries with quarantine restrictions, listed below, we recommend that you check with the recipient and ensure that delivery is possible.


  • India

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • France

  • Switzerland

  • Austria

  • Croatia

  • Baltic States (Estonia, Lithiauen, Latvia)

  • Czech Republic

  • Turkey

  • Croatia

  • Germany

  • Portugal

  • Austria

Source: DHL Freight, affected postal codes are listed here

Customs General Information
Right now there is an export ban on personal protective equipment - Read the Customs Information here


Sendify's recommendations for international shipments


  • Keep a distance when signing the acknowledgment

  • Be informed that unpredictable costs may apply, regardless of which carrier you book with.

  • Call your recipient and make sure no quarantine restrictions apply.

  • Expect that the regular lead time for the transport may be extended.

Information is constantly updated from the carrier's websites DHL, TNT, UPS, DSV



  • Low impact on lead times.

  • Regular health checks on staff to reduce the spread of infection.

  • Drivers are instructed with routines to reduce physical contact.

Sendify's recommendations for sending domestically


  • Follow the driver's instructions for routine pickup.

  • Keep away from each other and wash your hands regularly.

Information is constantly updated from the carrier's websites DHL, TNT, UPS, DSV