How to connect to Shopify

Follow the steps below to get started with your Shopify integration.

This article assumes that you have been in contact with Sendify to create an integration with Shopify via email or phone.

To make the integration as smooth as possible, we recommend accepting Sendify as a Collaborator for your Shopify Store.

To be able to create the integration between Sendify & Shopify, you must also activate Private apps. If you already have the Private app activated, you can skip part 1.

Enable Private apps in Shopify

1. Click Apps in the side menu
2. Click on Manage private apps

Shopify Tutorial

3. Click Enable private app development

Shopify Tutorial

4. Select all checkboxes

5. - Click Enable private app development

Shopify Tutorial


When private apps are activated, Sendify will send a collaborator request to your Shopify.

But how do I find collaborators? 

Go to settings


6. Click Users and Permissions

Shopify Tutorial

7. If you have settings other than Anyone can send collaborator request, you must share the code with Sendify

Shopify Tutorial


Accept Sendify's collaborator request

When Sendify has sent a collaborator request, you will receive an e-mail from Shopify.

To accept the collaborator request, follow the steps below.


8. Click on Sendify's collaborator request 

Shopify Tutorial

9. Click Accept request

Shopify Tutorial

10. Now Sendify has gained access to your Shopify and can complete the integration

Shopify Tutorial


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