DSV Road International

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DSV Road International is a flexible product for groupage shipments. The lead time varies from time to time and the interval you see in Sendify is developed by us based on our previous shipments.

What can you send with DSV Road International?

  • Package: Yes (note that all goods over 35 kg must be placed on a pallet)
  • Pallet: Yes
  • Non-stackable goods: Yes*

*If your goods weigh more than 35 kg, only whole EUR pallets can be classified as stackable.


DSV Road International

Services and supplements

Services included in the price:

A tailgate lift for collection and delivery is included in the price.

Notify recipients
If the add-on is purchased, the recipient will be notified that the shipment is on its way, as well as the delivery time. Please note that this can increase the lead time by up to one day.

Delivery bill
If the supplement is purchased, the driver will contact the recipient 15-30 minutes before delivery.

Sendify secure

Ship safely with Sendify Secure, the obvious protection for your shipment no matter which carrier you choose or where you ship to. Learn more here.



If you are not going to send your shipment, you should cancel it as early as possible. You can do this easily via the 'orders' menu option. Late canceled shipments with DSV Road International may be subject to a surcharge of 50-100% of the shipping price.

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