Sendify Secure - Terms

What does Sendify Secure cover?

Sendify Secure provides comprehensive protection, which includes the events below

  • Traffic accident, breakdown and disaster
  •  Total loss during loading/unloading
  •  Theft during transport
  •  Breakage during transport
  •  All risk supplement during transport
  •  War
  •  Strike and sabotage

Read more further down about each part.

Which goods are not covered by Sendify Secure?

Most types of goods are covered by Sendify Secure. Goods that are not covered include goods harmful to the environment and health as well as certain types of valuables. Take a look at the list below for all goods that are not covered by Sendify Secure.

  •   Already damaged goods
  •   Art
  •   Valuables (e.g jewelry, precious metals and stones, stamps, bonds and money)
  •   Timber and sawn wood products
  •   Food (fresh and/or frozen)
  •   Medicine
  •   Tobacco and alcoholic beverages
  •   Live animals
  •   Containers and other load carriers
  •   Oil, gas and other fossil fuels
  •   Goods with a value of more than SEK 1,000,000.

Detailed description of the different covers in Sendify Secure

Traffic accident, grounding and disaster (Basic)

This covers damage to or loss of goods caused by, for example, collision, grounding or derailment.

Total loss during loading/unloading (Standard extension)

This covers damage to or loss of goods caused by, for example, that:

  •   sea, lake or river water entering the means of transport, container, warehouse or place of storage, or
  •   loading or unloading, but limited to the total loss of entire packages.

Theft during transport

This covers theft or other similar criminal act.

A prerequisite for compensation is that the insured makes it probable that the damage or loss was caused by a criminal act and that a police report has been made.

Breakage during transport

This covers breakage.

Breakage is at hand where the goods by external impact have been broken, bent, dented or deformed in any other way.

All risk extensions during transport

This makes the transport insurance "All-Risk character", which means that the insurance applies to all types of damages, losses, or costs that are neither directly nor indirectly caused by or can be attributed to

  •   ordinary loss in weight or volume, or ordinary wear and tear,
  •   lack of labor due to strikes, lockouts, or other labor market disturbances, riots, civil commotions, or similar disturbances,
  •   inherent vice or nature of the goods insured,
  •   already damaged goods,
  •   liability in damages to third parties,
  •   loss of time, interest, loss owing to fluctuations in the market, loss of market or other indirect loss, or
  •   damage to the transport packing of the goods.


This covers risks due to war or warlike conditions in accordance with War Insurance Conditions for Goods (2006-01-01) adopted by the Swedish Transport Insurance Pool.

Strike and sabotage

This covers damage to or loss of goods that are directly caused by people involved in

  •   strikes, lockouts, or other labor conflicts,
  •   protest actions, riots or similar disturbances, or
  •   acts of terrorism or similar acts, dictated by political or religious motives.

Does not apply to damages and costs caused by the unavailability of labor as a result of the above-mentioned events.