How to get started with Sendify

Here is some brief information on the most common questions our new users ask.

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What is the difference between the price request / new shipment?

You use the "Calculate price" function when you want to know the price of a shipment quickly. Note that you can not change information that affects the price in later steps here.

However, when you search for a price from "New shipment", you can both use the address book and also change the information in the shipment accordingly.

What happens when I book?

Once you have booked your shipping, the next step is to print the transport documents. Attach the labels to the goods and wait for the driver to come and pick up the goods. Do not forget to ask the driver to sign the receipt so that you have a receipt that you have handed over responsibility for the goods to the carrier.

If your shipment is to be sent outside the EU, you must also enclose a customs invoice (read more here) in 3 copies on the goods + send a digital copy to

How do I pay?

Every Wednesday, we send a collection invoice for the freight you have sent away during the week.


Want to know more about invoicing and payment? Read more about invoices and payments here

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