Return freight

How does it work if you need to return goods from your customer back to your business? Or if a private person wants to send back their goods?

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From companies: 

To book a return shipment from a company, you set yourself as the recipient and the customer as the sender. Other than that, there is no difference in the way to book.

It is important to remember that before booking you must know the dimensions and weight of the goods to get a correct price.

Furthermore, you need to send the shipping labels to the customer who has the goods. You can either download the label and email it to the sender or share directly from the system! Press the 3 dots to the right and chose “share”.

From a private person:

To be able to book a return shipping from a private individual, it is required that you have sent the original shipping (B2C) with DHL Service Point.

Then you can easily search for the shipment number in "Shipments" in your account and click on "Print return label".

Do not forget to send the label to the customer who will return the package!

The customer then hands in the package to a DHL Service Point and the package is then sent back to you!

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