What is Sendify?

How do you know if Sendify is right for you?

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Sendify is a TA system that is built to be user-friendly and designed so that you as a company can compare, book and track all your shipments in one place. We are constantly developing the system in collaboration with our users, all to work towards our vision - to be part of shaping the future of B2B trading.

At Sendify, we work with all types of companies that are interested in simplifying their shipping. We offer packages, pallets and bulk shipping within Sweden and to and from Sweden from all over the world. Some of our customers have chosen to move their entire freight flow to us and others use us as a complement. It is entirely up to you how much you want to send with us - it doesn’t cost anything to use our system, and you only pay for what you actually send.

Regardless of which carriers you choose in the system or how many shipments you book, you will receive a collective invoice, once a week every Wednesday with 20 days in payment terms. (of course not if you did not book last week)

PS. You are not able to use Sendify as a private person. 



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