5 tips on getting started with customs

If it's time for you to take the plunge and start sending goods outside the EU, this article will help you.

  1. EORI number
    An EORI number is a unique registration number used to identify your company within the EU. EORI stands for Economic Operator Registration and Identification and you both apply for the number and check if you already have a number on the Swedish Customs' website.

  2. Product code and customs rate (HS-kod)
    Find out the product code (tariff number/HS-kod) and customs rate for your product. To find both the product code and the customs rate for your goods, you can visit the Customs Tariff or call the Swedish Customs. You need this information to be able to fill in your customs documents correctly.

  3. Any import or export rules?
    Some goods may have import or export restrictions, which means that you may need a license or some form of permit to be able to import and export the goods. Common goods that are subject to restrictions are food and organic products, alcoholic beverages, plants and certain electrical products. If you are unsure, we recommend that you contact the Swedish Customs for help.

  4. Fill in the customs documentation
    If your goods are to be transported outside the EU, they must always have a description of the contents on a commercial or Proforma invoice. Using a Commercial invoice is most common and is used for all goods you pay or charge for. For goods you do not pay or charge for, you should instead use a "Proforma invoice". Templates for both commercial and pro forma invoices can be found in the service when you have booked a shipment. Are you unsure how to fill in your invoice? Read more in our guide

  5. Do you need export proof?
    Sometimes, for example in the case of temporary export / import or a request for a refund of customs duties on return, you may need proof that the goods have left the EU. It may also be the case that the Swedish Tax Agency or other authorities for other reasons want to see an export certificate. To obtain an export certificate, enter the code 30400 in the field "special information / code" in the export declaration. For more info about export declaration, you can visit the Swedish Customs.


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